en anglès

The multicultural corner is a space within the library to make visible the different languages spoken by the children at the school. Here you will find a bookshelf with books in Russian, Urdu, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese or Amazigh, among many other languages. There will also be dictionaries and alphabets. All is nicely decorated with elements that identify places around the world.
Above this shelf a cloud welcomes us in many different languages. It invites us to embrace the different ways to tell the world.

The corner also has a computer with speakers where you can view video-recordings of the stories done by the teachers and the mothers of the school. And in an open box you will find a small geo-locator with photos to link places with languages and, why not, to practice some simple words.

Come on in! Just knock at the door and enter to make this corner grow with a group of teachers and parents to ready to improve it.

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